Minivan Transfers In & Out

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“The van is higher than a car,” Alicia, a paraplegic, says. “I try to work really hard to keep my upper body strong and I think that has paid off.”

Once she’s on the edge of her seat, she crisscrosses her legs on the floor of the driver’s seat. Grabbing the frame of the car to pull herself up while pushing off her chair, she she leans forward and throws her backside into the driver’s seat. To get her wheelchair in, she lays the driver’s chair back, pulling off the cushion and removing the wheels before pulling the frame in. She holds onto the steering wheel and/or leans her shoulder against the car frame to be steady. Just be sure to make sure your chair doesn’t roll away!

And to reverse the process, “Getting out is easier than getting in,” she says. She lowers and assembles her chair and puts on the brakes while maintaining her balance and bracing herself. She holds onto the steering wheel while leaning her fist on her wheelchair cushion and lowers herself down.

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