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Javed contracted polio as a young boy, and was born with congenital deformity of one limb. Growing up in Pakistan where accessible transportation was non-existent at the time, Javed was acutely aware of the struggles faced by individuals with disabilities. After slips and falls while trying to board public transportation left Javed hospitalized, he designed a three-wheeled motor bike that would allow him the freedom of transportation. This device changed his life, and he began looking into how he could change the lives of other people living with disabilities.

There were a few existing organizations in Pakistan that aimed to aid people with disabilities, but these were all founded and managed by able-bodied individuals. Many of these organizations did little more than promote “pity for disabled people.”

Javed wanted to do something different. He wanted to promote equal rights and independence for people living with a disability.

In 2000, Javed established the Disabled Welfare Association (DWA). At the time, Javed was employed as a social worker, and had many contacts interested in the work he was doing through the DWA. So in 2004, Javed decided to leave his job and dedicate his efforts to growing the DWA. Today, the association he created has multiple projects designed to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities. These projects include: Mobility Workshop; Karachi Independent Living Centre; Naya Qadam; Liyari Literacy Centre; and Rehabilitation of Afghan Refugees with Disabilities.

The DWA also holds seminars, participates in conferences, and raises awareness through various activities throughout Pakistan.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and passion of Javed, he is changing the lives of people living with disabilities in many positive ways.

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