Leg Bag Setup And How To Empty

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Shawn Fluke, a quadriplegic, shares his setup and management of his leg bag so help others avoid spilling and splashing.

“When I pull up to the toilet, I usually try to pull up at the same 90 degree angle so I can get nice and close and my leg bag is right at the point to get it real easy into the toilet,” Shawn explains. Shawn’s leg bag is attached to his left thigh, and he uses a Urocare Sport Bag with a quick release valve. He also has a key ring/zipper pull setup that allows him to manage the valve without moving his fingers. The tube it comes with is usually 10 inches, but Shawn modified it for his needs. “I have mine cut down to about 4 or 5 inches, just because it’s easier to keep it in the shorts without it hanging down,” he explains. Once he’s done, he smoothes over the bag over his shorts to ensure that everything gets out, including air pockets. “Those little air pockets just take up space and you’ll have to empty your bag sooner than if you don’t get them out,” he shares. If you want to get a better sense of Shawn’s mobility, check out this post.

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