A Journey To Helping Others

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Bethany has always known she wanted to help others. As a child she would play “hospital” with her dolls. She would pretend to hook them up to IVs, and she would take care of them. She played this way because in real life, Bethany was the patient.

Bethany was born with spina bifida, and spent much of her early years in and out of hospitals where nurses tended to her, and she in turn tended to her dolls when she returned home. By the time Bethany was old enough to go to university, she still had a passion for helping others.

“I was fortunate enough to qualify for OVR (Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation) support for my education, a government incentive to pay for an associates or bachelors degree education for people with disabilities.”

But when she told her OVR counselor she wanted to go into nursing, she was shocked by his response. “I will never forget the expression of the OVR counselor, tapping his fingers together in a point, and dully telling me flat out, “No.  We won’t fund that.  You’re not hirable.”” she shares. Bethany was met with the same response when she discussed her second option: elementary education. “It was predetermined that I would not be able to control a classroom,” writes Bethany.

Pushing forward in the face of barriers

But Bethany was determined to not let these obstacles stop her from moving forward. She eventually declared a major in Psychology, but later switched to Communications. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and later a master’s degree in communication studies.

Bethany’s journey has actually come full-circle from her days of helping her dolls in her make-shift living room hospital. Today Bethany is a university lecturer and a private consultant. She works with clients to “help them discover what is at the core of their illness, their roadblocks to success.” And she specializes in helping women with disabilities.

“So, while I may not be rushing around a hospital ward administering medicine and beside care…I collaborate with clients to help them heal themselves at the core of their injury, their trauma, their coping mechanisms, and their self-negating belief systems."

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