Jesi Stracham - Recovery With A SCI

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Whitney Bailey
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Jesi Stracham
Written by
Whitney Bailey

Jesi Stracham was injured as a passenger on a motorcycle in January 2015. She broke her back in two places, her rib punctured her lung which nicked her spinal cord. Jesi sustained a T4 spinal cord injury as well as a traumatic brain injury.

In her documentary ADAPT, Jesi shares a glimpse into her recovery process. About two years into her journey with a spinal cord injury, Jesi became more motivated about her recovery. She changed her diet, incorporated exercise, and started working on a positive mindset.  

“Recovery has been slow, frustrating, inconsistent...BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.”

Jesi states her body began regaining sensation and movement within months of starting her new routine. “The amount the weight loss initially improved my quality of life was unspeakable. Transfers, pushing, maneuvering, all became easier. Regaining core strength was the ultimate game changer. Being able to do my hair, make-up, and simple tasks without needing to hold on to anything has been monumental,” she says.

Jesi shares she is currently working on her standing. She states, “I’ve been able to pull my pants up three times while standing in the last six months. Which will be another monumental step in recovery.”

Jesi admits that keeping a positive mindset is consistent work. She credits daily meditation for helping her stay busy and out of a negative headspace. “In reality, my biggest issue in the day is worrying about peeing myself. When I look at the problems all over the world my problems don’t seem that large,” she says.

Jesi with friends who use wheelchairs

Jesi states a great way to keep a positive mindset is to surround yourself with strong passionate people.

“Connecting with people that have the same struggles as you is key to success in life. Being able to call a close wheel friend to vent about the “crap” (literally) the Wheel life brings is irreplaceable for happiness, acceptance, support, and comfort in the fact you’re not alone.”

Jesi has started the Wheel With Me Foundation which is focused on a growing community of men and women impacted with spinal cord injury. Click here to learn more.

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