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Jennifer Boulahoud

Jen is a T10/11 paraplegic, and she’s demonstrating skills she’s picked up along the way to help her become independent as a college student.

Jen explains the hand controls she recently had installed on her vehicle. “I steer with one hand and with my left hand, I press down for gas as well as push in for brake.” The controls are interchangeable, meaning that her parents and siblings can still drive the vehicle using the foot pedals.

Next, Jen pulls into a spot in a parking garage, and demonstrates how she assembles her wheelchair and exits the vehicle. “I usually put the main piece right next to me in the passenger seat,” explains Jen as she lifts out the seat and places it on the ground next to her. She then assembles all the pieces, and does so in under 3 minutes!

Lastly, Jen takes viewers on a quick tour of her accessible apartment at the University of Southern California. She has a door which opens automatically at the slide of a card. She also has a kitchen sink with room underneath so she can pull up to it and clean her dishes.

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