How to Sit Up from a Lying Down Position

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"Getting up from lying down on the bed uses ab muscles," says Meg. But what if your ab muscles don't work? 

Meg says that lying down is often a scary position to be in for someone with her injury level - especially for someone who is newly paralyzed. Meg is a C6/7 quadriplegic, and she knows all about workarounds when it comes to completing everyday tasks. Watch as she demonstrates how she has learned to sit up from a lying down position using her arms as levers.

From a lying down position, she puts her arms out to her sides, as if she's making a T with her body. 

"What I do is I push my elbows into the mattress, and I rock."

With the rocking motion, Meg is able to lift her torso off the mattress! Voila. Now she's upright!

Thanks for the tip, Meg!

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