How Quadriplegic Carries Glass of Water

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Meg filling up glass of water

Meg Johnson shares videos on how she does independent living tasks as a quadriplegic with limited hand function. In one of her videos, she demonstrates how she fills up a glass of water at her kitchen sink and then moves it to her dining room table.This task might seem rather easy, but Meg admits that it can be a difficult challenge with paralyzed hands.

As she fills the glass with water, Meg pinches the glass with one hand with her fingers at the top of the glass. She then places the cup on her leg and positions it where it leans on her stomach. Meg jokes that her stomach has a mind of it’s own because she is seven months pregnant, but she says she uses this method when she is not pregnant as well.

Meg with glass of water on her leg

Meg then balances the glass as she begins to push herself to the table. She says she constantly reminds herself, “what’s the most important thing?” as she slowly maneuvers herself to the table.

“We just have to keep remembering what’s the most important - and that is not hitting walls and not hitting chairs but rather keeping the glass on my leg.”

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