How To Put On & Take Off A Shirt With No Finger Movement

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Brittany Déjean
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Written by
Brittany Déjean

Eric, a tetraplegic, believes it’s important to take care of yourself and that includes dressing well.

“Don’t let people think that when you’re in a chair you’ve got no fashion sense…we’re as normal and as fashionable as anyone.” 

How to put on a shirt with no finger movement

  1. Place the shirt upside down on your hands with the front facing you and lift it up.
  2. Grab the bottom of the shirt at the back with your mouth which will then allow you to put your arms in the opening.
  3. Once you get your arms in and through the arm holes, use your thumbs to pull the head opening over your head.
  4. Use your hands and thumbs to bring your shirt down.
  5. If your shirt has a zip like Eric’s, put your finger inside the shirt and pull it up (or whichever direction your zip, zips) and you’re good to go!

Taking off a shirt with no finger movement

As for taking off his shirt, he uses his thumb to push down the zipper. Once that’s done, he uses his fingers to lift up his shirt, he puts his hands in to push up his shirt. After lifting it high enough, he flips the bottom of the shirt inside out, over his elbow and forearm which will enable him to do so for the other arm. Ta-da! The shirt is off. Eric shares, “There are different ways to do it, and this is my way. You can have your own way.”

For buttoned shirts, Eric admits he needs help for that.

“Never be afraid of asking for help…do not drive yourself crazy trying to meddle with the buttons…don’t sweat on the small stuff, there’s a bigger picture at the end of the day.”

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