How To Make Cupcakes Using One Hand

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Ellie Smith has Erbs Palsy. She shares videos on her YouTube channel showing how she accomplishes independent living skills. Ellie likes to bake, she demonstrates how she bakes cupcakes with only using one hand.


Ellie uses the following ingredients to bake her cupcakes:

  • 175g Caster Sugar
  • 175g Butter
  • 175g Self Raising Flour
  • 3 Eggs
  • Icing

Cooking Instructions

Step 1: Measure out 175g of butter and put it into a separate bowl.

Step 2: Measure out 175g of caster sugar and put it into the same bowl as butter.

Step 3: Stir the butter and sugar together. To do this step, Ellie supports the bowl by holding it between her legs or asking her brother for help. She says you could buy a sticky sheet that would hold the bowl down for you.

Step 4: Crack the eggs into the bowl. Ellie simply taps the egg on the side of the bowl using her thumb and finger to separate the shell.

Step 5: Mix the ingredients together. Place the bowl between your legs for support or ask for help.

Step 6: Carefully measure out 175g of flour.

Step 7: Ellie jokes to have a little bit of fun and have someone else try to stir the ingredients one-handed.

Step 8: Put your cupcake batter into cases ready for the oven. Ellie uses silicon cases to put the paper ones in and deep cake tins.

Step 9: Put cupcakes in the oven and let them bake for 20 minutes at Gas Mark 5. Take them out when cupcakes are golden brown.

Step 10: Let cupcakes cool.

To decorate the cupcakes, Ellie uses the deep cake tin to hold the cupcakes down. She then uses a knife and spoon to spread the icing.

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