How Fitness Has Impacted Man With Cerebral Palsy's Life

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Whitney Bailey
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Disabled But Not Really
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

James Norris, the founder of Handi Capable Fitness, has cerebral palsy. He recently lost fifty pounds from working out and living a healthier lifestyle. This lifestyle change has impacted James by raising his self-esteem. He has become more confident and outgoing.

“Just because one may have a physical or mental disability doesn’t mean they don’t have the same desires as an able-bodied person. Such as having kids, be married and experience the great things life has to offer.”

James flexing his muscle as he lifts a dumbbell.

One of James’ passions is to help others. James states he created Handi Capable Fitness to help other adaptive athletes. He has plans of getting his personal training certificate to help others with their fitness goals. James does admit one of his weaknesses is that he can be too hard on himself at times because he does not want to take his abilities for granted.

James wants to remind everyone “to never give up and remember hardships often lead to the greatest blessings.”

Here’s to all of James future endeavors!

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