Getting Into A Standing Frame From A Manual Wheelchair

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2Wheels 2Real
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Kelly Berger

Cortell Holiday is a paraplegic who makes how-to videos on his YouTube channel, “2Wheels 2Real”.

Cortell explains the benefits of using a standing frame. He states that baring weight on your legs and preventing muscle atrophy and/or bed sores are all positives that come out of utilizing the standing position.

Cortell demonstrates how he transfers independently from his manual wheelchair to the standing frame. To get into the standing frame, Cortell puts one hand on the seat of the standing frame with the other hand on the cushion of his wheelchair. He uses his arms to lift his weight while swinging his body into the frame's seat. Cortell then uses his arms to lift his legs one by one onto the foot plates of the frame.

Next, Cortell pulls the knee holders tightly against his knees, adjusting the tightness on the frame to ensure security and protection.

Lastly, Cortell pulls the tray table down over his lap, clicks it in place and begins pulling the lever back in forth on the frame to slowly stand himself up. Voila!

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