Getting Out In The Community

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Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Frank, a paraplegic, covers all kinds of tips to get out in the community on your own!

Start off with Frank’s first hand tips for going out to a bar with friends, anything from navigating getting drinks to verifying accessibility ahead of time.

Jump to 3:00 to get his apparel shopping tips! What do you do when you can’t reach what you want to get? What should you consider when buying jeans? What about buying shoes? Frank has phenomenal shopping tips for anyone going out to shop independently.

Jump to 6:50 for a transfer from his car to his wheelchair. Don’t miss how he gets his chair and himself out of the car without scratching or damaging upholstery!

At 9:22, Frank goes grocery shopping. Not only does he have tips for avoiding carrying too much, he also has a few quick tips for healthy eating. He also demonstrates opening a freezer door, managing self checkout and getting his groceries in his trunk.

At 13:00, get a quick glimpse of how he gets back into his car.

A video chock full of incredible insights for wheelchair users with good to excellent upper mobility, find which tips are most useful for you. Need to catch a taxi or a public bus to get to your destination? Check out Frank's tips.

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