Formula for Weight Loss: Learn About Portion Control

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Kristin McNealus, a physical therapist, says “don’t let portion control sabatosh your weight loss!” Kristin discusses the appropriate portion sizes for people with spinal cord injuries based on a person’s level of injury, activity level, and gender.  

A power wheelchair user expels less energy throughout the day as compared to a manual wheelchair user. It is important to understand portion control and how it contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Kristin gives the following advice on how to learn about portion control:

A deck of cards sitting next to plate of raw chicken

A deck of cards represents 3 oz. of meat. A person should have two of these servings per day.

Picture of a hand balled in a fist next to bowl of fruits and vegetables

Your fist represents a cup of fruits and vegetables. A person should have three to five of these servings per day.

Picture of plate of grains sitting next to tennis ball

A tennis ball represents a ½ cup serving for grains. Choose whole wheat grain for a healthier option.

picture of plate with cubed cheese and dice

1 oz. of cheese is about the size of your thumb or dice can represent cubed cheese. A person can have six of these servings per day.

Before you start any diet plan please consult your physician.

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