Formula for Weight Loss: How Many Calories Should Wheelchair Users Eat?

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Whitney Bailey

Physical Therapist, Kristin McNealus provides a weight loss formula to help wheelchair users live a healthier lifestyle. She suggests keeping progress notes in a journal

3500 calories = 1 pound. Therefore, Kristin points out that if an individual wants to lose one pound per week they have to eat 500 calories a day. She says this can be done by eating less or exercising more.

However, there is ongoing research on how many calories a person with a spinal cord injury needs throughout the day. The research is based on the following factors:

  • A person’s activity level.
  • A person’s injury level.
  • A person’s gender. (Kristen recommends that men start out with eating 1800 calories per day and women eating 1500 calories per day.)

Kristin states that for wheelchair users maintaining a healthy weight can decrease the risk of common complications such as certain types of cancers, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections and pressure ulcers.

Before starting any diet plan or exercise regimen please consult a physician.

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