Finding the Right Time to Go Back to School After SCI

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Curated by
Kieran Kern

College is a time of getting to know yourself and stretching out of your comfort zone. For Patrick who sustained a SCI in 2006 when he was 21, returning to college was an exercise in knowing both himself and what was going to impact him in the most positive manner.

The Drexel University student's initial attempt to rejoin college life was six months following his injury. He tried wheeling around every day and concluded “I’m not ready for this.” Patrick gave himself more time to build up his strength and self-confidence.

“I did an online class to start, and the next term I went back to classes.”

As luck would have it, Patrick’s mom works for the university and was able to help out when he needed her. The combination of the strength and self-confidence he built along with the support from his mom all contributed to Patrick graduating with a degree in Business and Engineering.

Have you gone back to school following an injury? Share your tips with us on how you were successful in getting back to class!

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