Finding Meaning In Working Remotely

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Nadia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 9 months old. She recognises the challenges of finding a job in Malaysia that allows her to work from home.

“I experienced joblessness for 1 year due to my disability and my inability to move."

However, she secured a job at Genashtim through an agency in Malaysia that helps people with disabilities find employment. Nadia is now part of the Monitoring Team at Genashtim. “My job is basically to do a test call before a session, to test the stability of the connection, and to make sure that the connection goes well,” she shares.

Finding employment at Genashtim has allowed Nadia to apply her skills and expertise from home, and to be part of a team of friendly and helpful colleagues. Nadia shares that most of her team members have a disability such as cerebral palsy and orthopedic conditions. “They would love to share every experience they had,” says Nadia of her colleagues. And she, too, can equally share her own experience and knowledge with them.

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