Finding Employment After Spinal Cord Injury

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Returning to work after a spinal cord injury can be an overwhelming yet rewarding experience. Backbones shares advice and resources for securing a job as a person with a disability.

“It may be necessary to look for a job in a different field than pre-injury and you may need some additional training or education. You might decide to start your own business! Whatever your path is there are many resources available to help people with disabilities obtain employment.”

Know Your Rights

Woman in wheelchair working on computer.

It’s important to know your rights, as you may have to be your own advocate in the workplace. Backbones states, “Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are required to provide “reasonable accommodations” to qualified job applicants and employees with disabilities.”

How Will Employment Affect Your Benefits?

One of the biggest concerns for people with disabilities returning to work is how employment will affect their benefits. Do your research on this subject while you are searching for jobs. Income may play a part in what benefits are affected.

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Vocational Rehabilitation programs are available in every state. “This program can assist you finding employment and obtaining education/training to qualify you for certain positions. Additionally, VR may be able to help navigate accommodations for you to be able to perform your job duties,” says Backbones.

Backbones recommends checking out the Job Accommodation Network as the site has information on jobs that could work for you.

How has the employment process been for you? Do you have any tips for others? Share your story with us at!

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