Finding the Courage to Ask for Help

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Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Dr. Dan is a family psychologist who is also a quadriplegic. He relates a personal story of how trying to be more independent than he actually is turned into a lesson on the importance of asking for help.

"About 10 years after my accident, ... I decided I was going to go to the mall by myself for the first time," shares Dan. "For some reason I thought buying shoes would be a good idea. I have no idea why."

He recalls how, from his wheelchair, he could only see the middle row of shoes, not the top or bottom. And when an associate approached him to see if he needed help, he said no. Dan then chose a pair of shoes, and again the associate asked if he needed help trying them on. Again, Dr. Dan said no. He was determined to remain independent.

"I took those shoes home, and I never wore those shoes," recalls Dan. "I hated those shoes. So much for being an independent guy."

This is just one of the instances where Dan learned a lesson - and that lesson is the true meaning behind what it means to be strong and courageous.

"Real strength is the ability to look somebody in the eye and say, 'Please help me.' ... It takes courage to say, 'Please help me,' and to do it with grace and gratitude."

Courage and compassion go hand in hand. Having the courage to ask for help often leads to an opportunity for others to show compassion.

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