Features To Consider When Getting A New Wheelchair

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Danielle Marx, born with Spina Bifida, shares videos on her YouTube channel (Daniellability) about her everyday life as a wheelchair user. Her videos are a resource for others in similar situations. 


“Getting a new wheelchair is a pretty big deal and it can be kind of intimidating sometimes.”

Danielle is in the process of getting a new manual wheelchair. She was able to try out a demo chair before ordering her new wheelchair. In the video above, Danielle goes into detail about what she likes and dislikes about the demo wheelchair compared to her own chair. 

Danielle discusses factors that some wheelchair users may not even think of when ordering a new chair. A few examples are:

  • Carbon Fiber vs Titanium - How the material your wheelchair is made of affects how heavy it is
  • Regular Brakes vs. Scissor Brakes - How the position of your brakes can have an impact on the way you transfer
  • Smaller caster wheels for better turning radius 
  • Low back vs. High Back - How the height of your backrest can affect your mobility and range of motion
  • The benefits of push handles and side guards 
  • Solid footplate vs. Tubular footplate

“(Getting a new wheelchair) is literally like choosing a  car because you’re going to have it for the next five years so you want to make sure you like it,” says Danielle. She advises that you take the time to make decisions when ordering a new chair and do not rush the process. Danielle also stresses that if there are problems with your chair when it comes in that you advocate for your needs because your wheelchair should benefit your life and not be a hindrance. 

What features do you like on your wheelchair? Share your story with us at AbleThrive.com!

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