Expandable Door Hinges

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Written by
Kristen Sachs

Getting through doorways in your home while using a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility device can sometimes be a tight squeeze. Replacing standard door hinges with expandable door hinges can help make getting through those doorways a breeze!

Expandable door hinges create an extra 2 inches of space within a doorway and allow barrier-free access.

standard door hinges


expandable door hinges

Jeff is a power wheelchair user, and several of the doors in his home have expandable door hinges.

"I can zoom through the doorways with the expandable hinges. I don't have to be as precise as I do when going through a doorway with standard hinges. And I don't have to worry about my hands or the sides of my armrests hitting the door frame."

These expandable door hinges can be installed using the same holes and hardware of existing hinges, and are sold in pairs.

If you want to adapt your home or office with expandable door hinges, click below:


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