Easy Ideas For Preparing Meals

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Kristin McNealus, a physical therapist gives the following advice for preparing meals as a person who has a disability:

Packaged Freshly Cut Fruits and Vegetables

screenshot of packaged vegetables

Using packaged freshly cut fruits and vegetables can make meal prep a little faster, while being a more accessible option as opposed to using a knife.

Pre-cooked Meals

screenshot of healthy frozen microwave meals

There are pre-cooked microwaveable meal options that are healthier than others.

Electric Frying Pan or Griddle

Screenshot of plate of vegetables with electric skillet

If you have difficulty getting to your stove, an electric frying pan or griddle is a great accessible option for cooking.

Reusable Containers

Screenshot of kristen opening reusable container with closed fist

Kristin shows a reusable container that is easily accessible for those with limited hand function.

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