Doing Laundry As A Quadriplegic

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Rachelle Chapman
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Rachelle Chapman, a C5/C6 quadriplegic, demonstrates how she is able to do laundry using a front face washer and dryer.

Rachelle starts out by gathering all of the clothes out of the hamper and putting them in a pile on her lap. She hooks her elbow over her push handle to get stability as she pulls clothes out of the hamper.

When she gets all of the clothes on her lap, Rachelle then pushes herself over to the washer. With the washer door open, Rachelle positions her wheelchair facing the washer so all she has to do is push the pile of clothes on her lap into the washer.

While pushing the clothes in the washing machine, Rachelle leans forward resting an elbow on the washing machine while using the other arm to put the clothes in. With the majority of the clothes in the machine, she then picks up any pieces that fell in the process.

Rachelle is then able to open the soap dispenser of the washer. She then gets the detergent and resting one elbow on the washing machine is able to pour the detergent into the machine. Rachelle then turns the machine on by turning the dial and pressing buttons.

Rachelle unloads the washing machine by making a pile of clothes on her lap and then pushing over to the dryer she pushes the pile into the machine Loading the dryer is much like loading the washing machine. She then is able to press the buttons and twist the knob of the dryer to start it.

At 3:30 in the video, Rachelle shows how she is able to fold an undershirt. She also shows how she hangs a shirt up. She continues to fold her clothes and puts them away.

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