Dad Makes Roti and Curry with Daughter

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Matty and his daughter, Ari, spend a lot of time together, especially in the kitchen. For one of their cooking adventures, the daddy and daughter team cooked roti and curry.

Matty is a C4 quadriplegic, and preparing food in the kitchen serves a dual purpose. It's a form of therapy to help strengthen his arms and hands, and it's also a bonding opportunity with his daughter. 

Matty and Ari take turns kneading the dough in order to make the roti; Matty coaches Ari, as she adeptly kneads the dough.

At the stove, Matty stirs the pot of curried potato and sauce that will accompany the roti, while his daughter continues kneading.

Next, Ari separates the dough into balls, which will become individual flatbreads.

Using his wrist, Matty rolls out the dough balls with a rolling pin, atop a wooden cutting block on his lap.

He alternately rolls the ball of dough, and stretches it, using his wrist strength, until the dough evolves from a small circle into a large circle, resembling a tortilla.

Once the flatbreads are ready, they are cooked in a frying pan, and then it’s time to eat roti!

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