Cooking A Delicious Dinner

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Frank, a paraplegic, shows you every detail from start to finish in preparing a delicious dinner. Don’t miss his demo- complete with secret ingredients and secret tricks from this former restaurant manager:

Collecting the ingredients

First, he brings home his groceries. He “borrows” his local grocery store’s hand basket to keep his groceries from rolling around in his trunk on his way home. Follow him into his kitchen where he demonstrates how to put his groceries away. His house has very few high cabinets, which is perfect for him. He keeps a reacher safe just in case he needs to retrieve anything (although he doesn’t keep anything up there that he needs often).

Jump to 3:30 to get started cooking! “First thing in the kitchen is make sure I have all the key ingredients,” he shares. “I try to get as many out as possible and have them close so that way I’m not forgetting things and running back and forth.” What’s on the menu? Tomato, mozzarella and basil crustinis and honey-soy salmon on a bed of mixed lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette, apples, pecans, craisins and feta cheese. YUM.

Figuring out the necessary kitchen adaptations

He keeps a cutting board on his lap to help him transport things around the kitchen. “I find it much easier to do it that way rather than grabbing things and trying to lay it down,” he says. “This is definitely a trusty tool you want to have.” Once he’s gathered all the necessary ingredients from his fridge, he carries all of them over to his work area on his cutting board.

“When I first got hurt, doing this was a little difficult because I was still having a hard time gaining my sense of balance,” Frank shares. Over time he learned about his sense of gravity and limitations. It takes time, and he may have fallen out of his chair a few times, but he has a much better understanding of his balance.

Jump to 6:45 for the lowdown on how to make his delicious vinaigrette. In addition to having a good sharp knife in the kitchen, Frank also recommends keeping a trash bag in the sink to collect the necessary trash through the process and make his cleanup easier in the end.

Jump to 10:05 for a demo on how he makes his crustinis, to 11:33 for the salmon and to 12:43 for the salad. Dinner is served! Bon appetit!

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