Clothing Hack - Wearing A Jacket With A Chest Strap

Written by
Whitney Bailey
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Community Submission
Written by
Whitney Bailey

“Being a quadriplegic and needing a chest strap can be uncomfortable trying to wear a jacket,” says Steven Woods. He has come across many problems when wearing a jacket with a chest strap. For instance, the jacket bunching up on the sides or the chest strap not being able to fasten across his chest. The chest strap also gets wet on rainy days.

Picture of Steven showing alteration in his jacket

“(The alterations) lets you be more comfortable when wearing your jacket outside and it will keep the chest strap dry so your clothing won't get wet later in the day.”

Side view of jacket with alteration

Steven states he and his family have come up with a simple solution to this jacket problem that can be fixed with a few alterations. The alterations include creating two small openings on both sides of the jacket underneath the armpit. There was some edging material added around the holes to keep the material from fraying.

Steven advises putting the jacket on to measure where the height of the holes should be under your armpits.

Picture of Steven with jacket closed up

“Now when you put on the jacket you can slide the chest strap through the holes and (fasten it) inside the jacket.”

Steven keeps this alteration in mind now every time he buys a new jacket! Thanks to Steven for reaching out and sharing this helpful clothing hack.

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