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Professor Von Heiser, a power wheelchair user, shares some tips on how to clean your power wheelchair. Like he says, “You want (your wheelchair) to last don’t you? And you certainly don’t want people to think that smell is coming from you.”


Professor Von Heiser recommends wiping the shroud and outside components of your wheelchair with mild soapy water once a month. He states if you really want your wheelchair to shine wipe it down with non-abrasive auto wax every three months.


Professor Von Heiser warns that you want to back off a little with the motors because they do not do well with water. Therefore, wipe the motors down with a slightly damp cloth once every week. He recommends using canned air for the tough spots.


Professor Von Heiser says you may be tempted to throw the upholstery of your wheelchair in the washing machine, but don’t! He suggests washing it by hand and letting it drip dry to maintain fire retardant capability.


To clean the joystick, Professor Von Heiser suggests using a damp cloth with diluted detergent. The LED screen on the joystick is super delicate. Do not use window cleaners, scouring powders, cleaners with solvents (alcohol, benzene, ammonia or paint thinner.) Do not use abrasive pads. Not even paper towels!


Professor Von Heiser states to go over the checklist before venturing out and about

  • Wheelchair charged? He suggests charging your chair every night.
  • Tires inflated? This should be done once a week. Check for signs of wear, and then inflate to the level listed on the sidewall of the tire.  Make sure to use a hand pump or low volume air pump.

Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual of your wheelchair!

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