Chest and Lung Exercise With a Balloon

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“You wouldn't imagine with a frame so big, Matty would have this much difficulty blowing up a balloon for his daughter,” shares Kylie, Matty’s wife.

As a C4 quadriplegic from a rugby injury, Matty’s diaphragm and chest and abdominal muscles are compromised. To help strengthen these muscles, Matty uses a balloon blowing technique. His daughter helpfully puts the balloon in his mouth, and Matty begins to blow. Holding the end of the balloon tight in his teeth, he takes in breaths through his nose, then pushes air into the balloon. It’s tough work, and Matty is visibly fatigued, but he’s found a great (and fun) way to strengthen his lungs and surrounding muscles after a spinal cord injury!

Watch Matty demonstrate his balloon blowing exercises in this video.


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