C5 Quadriplegic Demonstrates Floor To Chair Transfer

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Naresh Gupta, a C5 quadriplegic, is a client working on his rehabilitation at Aim2Walk in Toronto, Canada. He demonstrates his progress with a floor to chair transfer.

From the floor, Naresh transfers to a mat that is higher off the ground and closer to the height of his wheelchair. This mat could simulate a couch or bench. To get his body up on to the mat, Naresh sits at an angle with his legs stretched out in from of him. He then places one hand on the mat while his other hand is on the floor. He pushes through his arms to lift his body off the floor. With his body on the mat, Naresh grabs his wheelchair to steady himself.

In the video, Naresh’s physical therapist guides his legs as needed. Sitting on the edge of the elevated mat, Naresh repositions his legs before beginning the transfer into his wheelchair.

Naresh’s wheelchair is positioned parallel to the mat. To transfer into his wheelchair, Naresh scoots closer to his wheelchair and the edge of the mat. He puts one hand into the seat of his wheelchair with his other hand on the mat. He then pushes through his arms to lift his body off the mat and pivots himself in his wheelchair.

Once in his wheelchair, Naresh grabs onto his armrest for support. Naresh’s physical therapist guides his legs throughout the transfer.

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