Business Entrepreneur With Transverse Myelitis

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Hulya Arif wants to make the world feel pretty. As a business entrepreneur and founder of Pro Beauty Clinic in Dulwich, just south of London, she offers treatments that many other beauty clinics normally neglect like skin tag removal, mole removal, and micro pigmentation.

Salon owner with transverse myelitis

Hulya has Transverse Myelitis, and has limited mobility below her chest. With the help of some crutches, walls and doorways for stability, she navigates freely around her offices by walking about independently.

Being able to sit down during procedures is helpful for Hulya. Plus, offering unique beauty treatments to her clients sets Hulya apart from the rest. 


"I make up for not being able to move around so easily by specializing in a lot of treatments that normal beauty therapists don't have the ability to do. They say that glamour and disability can't mix, but however by me opening up a beauty salon shows that it can mix."

salon owner with transverse myelitis does a skin treatment on a client

Hulya admits that when she first opened her salon, she felt self-conscious about her disability, and about the stares she would get from clients. "But as the clients got to know me, I was no more self conscious," she shares. "I'm just as glamourous as them, in fact even more."

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