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Written by
Whitney Bailey

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer is a disability lifestyle influencer who shares videos on her YouTube channel, Sitting Pretty. Lolo states that she created Sitting Pretty as a way to create something for herself that was meaningful, while also giving her a sense of entrepreneurship. “I knew I wanted to share my experiences in my voice and hoped people would have a better understanding of the authenticity of disability lifestyle,” she says. 

Lolo was diagnosed with ALS at the age of fourteen. She admits that finding self confidence has been a journey for her.  


“I define self confidence as being comfortable with every aspect of who you are, flaws and all.”

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In an interview with AbleThrive, Lolo talks about how she handles her ‘hard’ days, the importance of community, and gives advice to those who are newly injured or diagnosed.

How Do You Handle Your ‘Hard Days’?

We all have our ‘hard’ days. When Lolo is having a ‘hard day’ she states - “I allow myself to feel how I'm feeling in order to recognize the root to why I'm feeling that way. Once I recognize why then I flip my thinking and my perspective to be more positive. I pray, I read, I meditate, I talk to people I love and trust, and do things that make me happy.”

How Important Is Having A Sense Of Community?

Lolo says, “It is crucial to have a sense of community. A lot of times having a disability does feel very isolating, but when you have a community whether it's family, friends, online groups, etc., it allows you to remain in good spaces that are helpful and supportive.”

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Is Newly Injured/Diagnosed?

Lolo gives the following advice to those who are injured or diagnosed - “My advice would be to allow yourself the time to embrace your new journey. Understand that it's not a death sentence or "bad thing" that happened, it's just part of what your story will be in the future. Yes, it is TOUGH, but you are NOT alone. Find resources and tools to keep a positive spirit and energy no matter what. Just know that your life WILL be fruitful, you CAN still live your life to the fullest, and get ready to cut the line at all the theme parks and nightclubs you want to be at. :)”

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