Being Positive and Seeing Possibility

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Stanely broke his neck from an accident 10 years ago. He now uses a wheelchair and is as capable as ever. “I don’t want sympathy but empathy,” he says. “People usually sees us like we can’t do anything, we are a burden to society.” But that is far from true. Instead of focusing on his limitations, he’s focused on what he can do. He advises others in his situation to follow suit.

“Don’t dwell on what you don’t have…count your blessings…and move on with your life."

Stanely shares. He understands it’s hard to forget and you can’t help but wonder ‘why did this happen to me?’ “Just think about it, but don’t dwell in it,” he advises. Stanely is representing Singapore in the ASEAN Para Games in table tennis. “I enjoy doing sports, even before my accident,” he shares.

Apart from sports, being financially independent is Stanely’s greatest accomplishment. “I don’t have to depend on my family…I can go out as and when I like,” he shares. This independence allows him to be able to go about his daily life without the need to have someone constantly assist him, but he doesn’t shy away from asking for help when he needs it.

Stanely doesn’t let his disability define him and he strives to maximize his abilities and make the most of his life, and he hopes others will follow.

“Expose yourself to society, make more friends. There’s always different ways for you to live your life. Just learn from people who are already on a chair. When you’re walking or on a wheelchair, there are bound to have problems, so be very positive.”

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