Australia's First Wheelchair Model

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Hallam had just finished his training to be a model when his life took an unexpected turn: he fell from a tree and injured his spinal cord.

paraplegic man models

Initially devastated that his modelling career wouldn’t come to fruition, things began to turn around for Hallam while he was at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in Adelaide. He was visited by representatives from the agency where he’d trained, and they encouraged him to continue pursuing modelling.

“I was enthusiastic about getting myself into shape, moving and being able to do things for myself again.”

paraplegic man models

After an eight-week stay in rehab, Hallam did a photo shoot with respected photographer Nectario Karolos Papazacharias. 'Netario gave me a lot of advice,” shares Hallam. “He said 'the wheelchair is a part of you now. Just be comfortable in it and play around in it – make it your own'. He gave me a lot of confidence.”

Hallam hopes that his continued pursuit of his chosen career after a spinal cord injury will help encourage others to keep moving forward when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

'If I could help someone else through what I'm doing, that would be amazing. Life doesn't end because you've got an injury, it's important to keep your chin up.' 

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