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Brett Gravatt is a wheelchair user who graduated from Penn State with a degree in communication. He has compiled a list of the universities he considers “The Best Accessible Colleges In America.”

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The Best University For Overall Accessibility

Brett names the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign as the university with the best overall college experience in regards to accessibility. He states that the college has a good center on Disability Resources and Education Services that provides many services that can enhance a student’s college experience.

The Best University For Adaptive Sports Programs

If you are an athlete, Brett suggests that you check out the University of Arizona who he says has the best adaptive sports programs. The university has six competitive sports in the Adaptive Athletics Program.

The Best University For Wheelchair Basketball

Brett’s research indicates that the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL is the best university for wheelchair basketball, as both the men and women teams won the 2017 National Championships.

The Best University for Higher Education

The University of California - Berkeley makes Brett’s list for the best university for Higher Education. He says that the university provides many transportation options for students with disabilities, such as a golf cart transport service just for students with disabilities. The University of California - Berkeley’s staff includes many disability related professionals that assist students with disabilities throughout their college career.

The Best University For Living Accommodations

Brett states that Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is the best university for living accommodations because of their advocacy for universal design. Not to mention, the university offers assistance with attendant care for students that need the service.

The Most Affordable University

Brett claims that Cleveland State University is the most affordable university (for in-state tuition) with a good accessibility program.  

Brett concludes his list with this statement, “Narrowing down what criteria is most important for you will help you make the best decision. Whether you need extra attendant care or you want a school with an adaptive sports program, there is a college/university out there that is the perfect fit for you!”

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