3 Steps For Driving With Hand Controls In Singapore

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Brittany Déjean
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Written by
Brittany Déjean

Kelvin, a paraplegic from Singapore, has been a wheelchair-user for 20 years and has been driving for the past 16 years.

“Once I got a job, the first thing I did was buy a car,” Kelvin shares while driving. Kelvin added a mechanical lever that allows him to use his hand to accelerate, decelerate and use the brakes, which gets approved before getting on the road.

The process for driving with hand controls 

Step One: Purchase the adaptive gadget for driving. (If you’re in Singapore, check out Handicaps Welfare Association).

Step Two: Get it installed at any local car dealer. They’ll follow a list of instructions given on the package.

Step Three: Get your car inspected and approved.

“While there are many many different types of driving gadgets available in the world, Singapore only approves of this particular one."

The gadget in Singapore comes from the U.S., so double check what’s available in your area when you’re purchasing your adaptive driving gadget. The mechanical lever he uses extends to his right hand side of the steering wheel and has two metal bars that are connecting to his brakes and accelerator. So Kelvin uses his right hand to control his speed while his left hand controls the steering wheel.

“People don’t believe people on wheelchair can drive,” he says. Many who see Kelvin getting in and out of his car will ask him how he drives. “My dream is to drive a car around the world… Many people have done it before but I want to really try,” he shares. “The reason why I like driving? Because I like the freedom. I really like the freedom.”

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