3 Floor To Wheelchair Transfers

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Erik Kondo
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Brittany Déjean

Perhaps you want to play with your kids or work on something on the floor, or maybe you just fell (hey, it happens). Regardless of how you get on the floor, a key to independence is being able to get yourself back into your wheelchair. Erik has three methods of floor to wheelchair transfers to share.

First one is when the chair is at a 90 degree angle to the body. Erik gets the chair close to him and by keeping one hand on the wheelchair frame and one on the floor, he’s able to lift himself up and into his chair. The second one is when the chair is behind him. With his hands positioned in the same way, he leans further forward to lift himself up. The third transfer is for when you’re “carrying a little extra weight.” Erik’s small daughter wraps her arms around his neck and he uses another chair for extra support to lift himself (and his daughter) up and into his wheelchair.

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