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Maintaining independence while traveling may be intimidating for some people with disabilities. Alex Jackson, a quadriplegic, created a way that he...
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Have you ever been wheeling yourself to your gate in an airport and find yourself face to face with an escalator? What do you do? Do you find and...
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Airplane bathrooms are small, inconvenient, and they’re most definitely not made for people who use wheelchairs. Joseph, a paraplegic, has his own...
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All Maria wanted to do was take a shower, but that turned out to be more complicated than she realized. Hotel Struggles She asked for a shower bench...
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Kelvin, a paraplegic in Singapore, avoids overcrowded lifts by taking the escalator. Using an escalator with a wheelchair The steps on the escalators...
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Even without a curb cut, some curbs are short enough to jump or bump over, but some are too high even for that! Paraplegic in a Wheelchair Ascends a...