Working Out For Paraplegics Part Two

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Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
Curated by
Brittany Déjean

After you watch Frank's first working out video, check out part two:

How to adapt exercise machines to fit your needs

This video kicks off with a variety of shoulder exercises, including valuable tips for not overworking them, in addition to key transfer tips to get on and off the machine. He covers different areas of the shoulders, including how to be safe while on the machine (including avoiding skin breakdown) and strengthening and stretching areas of the shoulder not targeted by general wheelchair pushing.

At 7:28, he uses a universal machine to work on his triceps.

At 8:44, he demonstrates working his biceps, including a great tip to avoid losing your balance if you don’t have abdominal control. The machine would’ve have been usable for him otherwise.

At 9:59, he demonstrates using free weights including safety tips.

At 11:55, he offers some great insights on asking for help in the gym.

At 12:28, he discusses partner exercises and demonstrates bench press (and why it’s better to have a workout buddy).

Stay healthy and be safe while working out. Share these tips with another paraplegic looking to get in a good workout!

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