Woman Aims To Become The First Quadriplegic Skipper To Cross The Atlantic Using Breath Control

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Whitney Bailey

Natasha Lambert is an experienced sailor who has athetoid cerebral palsy. Natasha has been on many expeditions and soon she will attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers (ARC) 2019.

To complete the expedition, Natasha has taken command of her new boat, a Nautitech Open 46 from Key yachting.

Natasha’s father Gary has developed the sip and puff technology that allows Natasha to control the boat using her breath to either turn the rudders or trim the sails.

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Natasha’s sailing expeditions date back to 2012 when she sailed around the Isle of Wight. In 2016, Natasha sailed the Caledonian canal, climbed Cairngorm and sailed on to Glasgow. Check out the original post to see all of the expeditions Natasha has ventured out on.

Crossing the Atlantic will be the most challenging expedition Natasha has ever gone on. She will be the world’s first quadriplegic female skipper to cross the Atlantic using breath control.

This expedition will also be the longest crossing made using breath control and Natasha’s boat will be the largest vessel adapted to use breath control.

Natasha will undergo intense training that she is fit for the challenge and that the boat modifications are fully working.

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