Wheelchair Snowboarding

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Erik Kondo
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Erik Kondo, a paraplegic, shows off his skills as he does wheelchair snowboarding.

The video begins by showing how Erik gets on and off the chairlift. Erik transfers onto the lift and then has someone waiting for him with his wheelchair when he gets off the lift. The person holds his wheelchair as he transfers from the lift.

Erik then pushes himself to the starting point where he attaches his wheelchair to the snowboard. Jump to 1:16 in the video to check out the process. Erik backs his wheelchair onto the board. There are metal binds on the board and someone helps secure Erik’s chair to the board.

Secured to the snowboard, Erik props his wheelchair into a wheelie as he starts riding. A person follows behind Erik with a rope attached to Erik’s snowboard for safety.

At 1:53, Erik crashes his snowboard but he gets up and goes again.

At 2:46, Erik is released from the binds on the snowboard and he dismounts off the board.

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