Wheelchair Photography Tips And Tricks

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“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked how I do photography, how I’m still able to be creative from a wheelchair,” says Kirk Williams. He shares some of his favorite photography tips and tricks.

“It’s tough, you figure if you’re holding a camera you can’t go anywhere, you can’t push. So, how do you get those unique perspectives?”

Remote Cord

Kirk uses a remote cord on his DSLR cameras to take pictures and record videos. He places the cord in his mouth, using his tongue to focus and then bite down all the way to take a picture. “It’s actually pretty cool, (the cord) gives me the ability to hold the camera, move it around and even without dexterity I’m able to snap some pretty cool shots,” says Kirk.

Smart Camera

Kirk suggests looking for a camera that can connect to an app on your phone. He states a smart camera is valuable to him because he can control the camera from his phone while it is set up somewhere across the room.


Kirk adapted a selfie stick to mount to the armrest of his wheelchair. He is able to use the app from his phone to control the camera, all while being able to record while he is pushing his wheelchair.

“Don’t let the fact that you're in a wheelchair or your hands don’t work be an excuse that you don’t pursue an artsy passion any longer.”

For more details on the specific cameras Kirk uses, check out the video!

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