Wheelchair Boarding Down a Hill and Off a Curb

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Erik Kondo
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Kristen Sachs

Erik is a T4/5 paraplegic who has modified a traditional skateboard with metal stoppers to allow his manual wheelchair to sit atop the board without rolling off. 

On a crisp fall day, Erik demonstrates his wheelchair boarding skills on a steep, grassy hill. He starts on the top of the hill, and with a little help from a friend by way of a gentle push, Erik begins his descent down the hill. He picks up speed, then comes to a nice, easy stop at the bottom before rolling off his board.

In this next video, Erik shows how he rides his modified long board off a curb at a skate park. Even a fall doesn't deter him from enjoying this fun activity!

Have you modified sports equipment to suit your needs so you can enjoy your favorite activity on wheels? Let us know how you did it, and you could be featured on AbleThrive!

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