Wheelchair Basketball Gives College Athlete Self Confidence

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Makayla Jones sustained a spinal cord injury at the age of four years old from the result of a car accident. Growing up as a wheelchair user, Makayla found a love for wheelchair basketball.

Makayla posing with a basketball under her arm. She is wearing a jersey that says Illinois Basketball.

Makayla recalls having a very active childhood. She participated in everything her siblings did. "I was active even if I was disabled. My family did a really good job of making it so I did everything my siblings did," she says.

Makayla played sports like tennis and track before discovering her love for basketball. She says she experienced bullying in middle school. However, Makayla credits her skills on the court to an athletic scholarship and a strong sense of self.

“Basketball to me means confidence. It has given me the ability to do things I never thought I could.”

Makayla is now a freshman at the University of Illinois studying human development and family studies. Her goal is to become a social worker to help families and children who have experienced trauma.

Here’s to Makayla’s future successes!

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