From Water Skiing To Scuba Diving: Quadriplegic's Love for Water Sports

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Amber waterskiing

Amber Rangel was a world class barefoot water skier. Amber became a C5 quadriplegic after she hit her head practicing a jump for the national championships. But Amber was not going to let her spinal cord injury hinder her love for water sports. After doing some research, she discovered scuba diving.

"I've never really been someone to let something take me down before. I guess it's in my character to not let it change me."

Amber scuba diving

Amber learned about Diveheart, a program that helps people with disabilities go scuba diving. The program believes that scuba diving helps people build independence and confidence. Amber spent months in physical therapy building up strength. She then became certified to dive.

Amber has explored the waters of Mexico, Honduras, and Iceland. Where will she dive next?

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