Skydiving As A Wheelchair User

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It takes a lot of courage to go skydiving. It’s not every day you see or hear someone with a disability doing it, but Theresa, a wheelchair-user and swimmer, is different. Skydiving was something she wanted to do for a while. “I’ve been thinking about it and it felt like the moment was right,” she shares.

Theresa kept her cool as she prepared to go up in the plane “I definitely got more and more nervous,” she shares. Once on the plane, there’s no denial that Theresa’s nervousness grew.

“Then we jumped and then I felt so free. It was exhilarating. I basically felt like a bird.” 

The jump made it worth all the nerves. It’s an experience she’s ready to do again. “Let’s go back up,” she told the instructor upon landing. As a wheelchair-user, Theresa had to do her homework before choosing a company to sky dive with to, ensure it was a suitable place for people with disabilities. Theresa, like all inexperienced skydivers, did a tandem jump, attached to a professional instructor, so being a wheelchair-user created no issues for her. Once she had the place, she booked a holiday to Australia, and was ready to go! Her friends and family were surprised by her decision, “but [they were] mostly jealous,” she adds.

It was an unforgettable experience for Theresa it so if you’re considering sky diving yourself, Theresa says, “I’d advise them to do it!”

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