Running Pair Participates In Half Marathon

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Chaeli Mycroft
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Whitney Bailey

“I love being active with my disability and doing rad things,” says Chaeli Mycroft. Chaeli was born with cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. In 2017, she completed a half marathon stating “It was so much fun and did not disappoint!”

Chaeli shares the day’s adventure on her YouTube channel.


“I like this race because it’s such a vibe.”

The video begins with Chaeli and her service dog going to register for the marathon. Jump to 2:33 as Chaeli gets pushed in a custom wheelchair by her runner Muddy. The video continues as Chaeli gives a first-person perspective as she records from her point of view. One can hear Muddy communicate to Chaeli to brace herself as he pushes her over uneven terrain.

Chaeli continues to record the marathon as she sits in her wheelchair. The video occasionally shows a different viewpoint of the pair running.

“I think people are getting more on board with adaptive athletes and that’s really exciting.”

Chaeli and Muddy cross the finish line at two hours and four minutes, a personal best for Chaeli!

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