Quadriplegic's Workout Routine

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Carissa Louise
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Carissa Louise shares videos on her YouTube channel to show others a glimpse of her life as a C6/C7 quadriplegic. Her videos not only give others a different perspective, but provide insight to others within the disability community.

In the following video, Carissa talks openly to her viewers about the importance of maintaining strength and muscle with a spinal cord injury. She discusses the equipment she uses in her own workout routines, and how a specialized gym has influenced her workouts.

Carissa currently attends a gym that specializes in working with people with neurological disorders like spinal cord injuries and strokes. It has physiotherapists on staff and lots of adaptive equipment.

“They have a standing frame that helps me get into the standing position.”

quadriplegic uses a standing frame and is surrounded by family

Carissa also works out using a total gym machine and does mat work - all with the assistance and guidance of therapists. For Carissa, working out not only helps her strengthen her muscles, it also helps with her spasms.

“After I go to the gym, my spasms for the next couple days are not as extreme as they usually are.”

quadriplegic uses a total gym to workout

And while the gym Carissa goes to is a two hour drive from her home, she feels it’s worth it for the specialized workout she gets each time.

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