Quadriplegic's Friends Carry Him Up Mount Snowdon

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Whitney Bailey
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Whitney Bailey

Sam Harper-Miller, born with cerebral palsy, says his life was changed forever when a group of his friends carried him up to the top of Mount Snowdon in the United Kingdom.

The group made the climb to help raise money for Sam to get a new power wheelchair.

Sam's friends carrying him up mountain

Sam’s group of five friends spent six hours carrying Sam up the 1,085m peak in a DIY stretcher. They built the stretcher using the top half of a manual wheelchair, wood, a harness, lifting strap and bamboo to make a what can be referred to as a Sudan-style chair.

Sam on mountain

“We did it and my life was changed forever. What (my friends) did for me on Saturday will live with me for evermore. They enabled me to reach a place otherwise inaccessible to me.”

The group’s next adventure is to climb the United Kingdom’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. We wish them luck!

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