Quadriplegic Skydiving

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Zack Collie
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Whitney Bailey

Zack Collie, a C4 quadriplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Quad Life With Zack) to spread awareness about spinal cord injuries and to motivate others to live life to the fullest. 

In the video below, Zack goes skydiving to celebrate his 25th birthday. 

To get the skydiving harness on, one person helps Zack stand up from his wheelchair while someone else lays the harness in his seat. Zack is then placed back in his seat, sitting on the harness. He is then secured in his harness while sitting in his wheelchair, standing up one more time to make sure everything is buckled. 

Zack is then lifted on the plan using a two-person lift method. Check out the awesome footage of his skydive starting at 2:45 in the video. 

Zack’s motto for his channel is “persevering through life” and he is doing just that!

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