Quadriplegic Rides Dune Buggy In Desert

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Angela Rockwood
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Whitney Bailey

Angela Rockwood, a C4 quadriplegic, is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who loves anything with speed. To celebrate her ‘Anniversary of Life Day’ (the day she woke up in the hospital from her car accident) Angela went out to the desert to ride dune buggys and ATVs with friends.


“When you have some fear within you, you just got to push the limits and just get over it.”

Angela was secured in the dune buggy seat by a double harness. She also wrapped a scarf around her legs to keep them from moving as she enjoyed the ride.

Jump to 4:12 in the video to catch the start of Angela’s adventure in the dune buggy.

Angela states that one thing she learned from the ride is that it even though her adrenaline was pumping she found the ride to be relaxing. Angela came to the realization that at that moment she was grateful to be able to do what she was doing.  

“I took that very moment to just be grateful.”

Jump to 5:55 in the video to catch Angela and her boyfriend riding down the top of the mountain in the dune buggy.

Angela gives advice to others. She says “You need to release your fears, you need to go out there and you need to get it. You need to do it and just be unstoppable. “

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